Sun and sea. Flavors.
And Istrian melodies.

Our favorite spots in the kingdom of istria. They’ll soon become your favorites, too. Golden. Perfect.

Koper – city of a thousand suns

The biggest of Istria’s towns is known for its medieval Venetian palaces, the Škocjan inlet, which is home to hundreds of birds, and for the countless fascinating events taking place here year round, with an emphasis on sports and culinary events.

Izola – the kingdom of fish

This former fishing town retains its inseparable connection to the sea, inviting you to walk its colorful streets on the way to the Izolana private museum, to relax and play on its countless beaches, or to climb up and marvel at the famous Strunjan cliff.

Portorož & Piran – the twin towns that grew on saltpans

The story of salt sets the backdrop for the tale of Slovenian Istria’s two most touristic towns. The cosmopolitan Portorož and the romantic Piran – these two incomparable towns are a must see on your trip, together with the saltpans that surround them.

Ankaran and the Landscape Park Debeli Rtič

The Ankaran peninsula, called the green isle for its abundant natural curiosities, lies just a few minutes from Koper. Its heart, Debeli Rtič, is protected as a landscape park, one that takes on new character with every change of season.

»To Socerb, where you’ll feast your eyes on a truly divine sunset, leads a path of 19.1 km, taking you exactly 19 minutes if you head there by car.«

Socerb Castle: catch the most beautiful sunset

There where Kras gives way to the rolling Šavrini Hills stands the proud Socerb Castle, which gives visitors the most beautiful views of the Gulf of Trieste.

Hrastovlje — Church of the Holy Trinity

One of the most famous villages in all of Istria, known the world over for the frescoes on the walls of the local church depicting the Danse Macabre.

The Glinščice River valley – a region with rich history

This picturesque valley straddling the Slovenian and Italian border is bursting with incredible natural and cultural sites. Attractive for hikers, cavers, climbers, and all other explorers. The valley is also a great starting point for other excursions along the Glinščice River.

Škocjan Caves – a true gem on planet Earth

The Škocjan Caves will enchant you with one of the deepest and longest underground caverns in the world. All the stalagmites and stalactites will also captivate you. Hint: just another 15 minutes’ drive ahead takes you to another amazing underground Slovenian attraction – The Postojna Caves.

Lipica take a ride in a carriage

The home of the world-renowned white Lipizzaner horses is also right next door. The breed’s original stud farm is waiting to demonstrate the Lipizzaners’ impressive training routines, as well as to take you on a ride through the countryside. There’s also a great golf course nearby for those who want to get in a few holes.

Trieste – once the capital of the Mediterranean

This neighboring Italian city was once a thriving mercantile and cultural hub, inviting important artists from all over the world. If you really want to feel an urban vibe, drive over to Trieste one day.


»Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the fairest land of all?«

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