Capra, Caprizza, Carlo

and Club

While the human nose can detect a trillion scents, we detect them only five basic senses. Using them all at our restaurant will leave your mouth agape. Let’s find out together. Come on, join the culinary adventure!

Capra restaurant

The restaurant got the name after the goat (Capra in italian), a symbol of Koper. Operating since 2014, Capra is delivering delicious dishes, artistic desserts and GRAND interiors. The file rouge of the restaurant are fresh local ingredients from the sea and the land.

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Pizzeria Caprizza

Who doesn’t adore pizza? Ours is something special. The ingredients are from Napoli, but the recipe is ours alone. It is so beautiful that you’ll want to take a picture of every inch of it´s crust before even trying it. While doing so, look around you. Here, the details are everything.

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Carlo Cafe

Stepping through the door of our CARLO bar feels like returning back in time. Suddenly, you will feel like taking part of a 70´ies movie. During the day the strong scent of coffee wafts through the cafe, while the nights are best spent for our signature cocktails. Saturday evenings are reserved for live music performances. Nothing less than GRAND.


The CLUB has a thousand faces and adapts to your mood. Are you in a mood for a romantic dinner? Perhaps an important business event or a memorable family milestone? Whatever your choice the common thread is always GRAND food from Capra Restaurant.

Our stage. GRAND events.

There’s always something happening here.

Jazz nights, gourmet events, reading club, NYE celebrations and so much more! Check out what we have going on for you, so you can tell your (sea) friends.

Ugodnosti, dogajanje in še več...

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