Surrounded by
vineyards and olive groves

The fairy queen Villa Majda is waiting for you

There where Istria and Kras meet, surrounded by lush olive orchards and undulating grapevines, underneath the impressive Karst Rim lies Villa Majda – a hidden gem and the home of sublime relaxation.

Villa Majda will be perfect for anyone looking to fully unwind, anyone who knows how to appreciate free time spent in a picturesque natural setting, and anyone who savors delicious food cooked to perfection. It’s especially perfect for couples, as children need to be at least 12 years old to even join you. Aesthetes will also find their niche here – after all, the villa was designed to be timeless, with special attention to details.

An Istrian Villa with a Pool and 6 Private Rooms

Villa Majda, a rustic Istrian villa with an outdoor pool and a splendidly green garden, will ensure that your vacation is the stuff of dreams, an enchanting period of natural relaxation. Guests can rent out individual rooms or the whole estate. Wherever you choose to stay, our friendly staff members will go the extra mile to make sure your stay is perfect, not matter what time of day you need them. Villa Majda is ideal for weddings, other celebrations, and even advertisements, as every picture will come out magnificent against this backdrop – the perfect mix of stunning nature and meticulous style.

The Villa has 5 modernly furnished superior double rooms with queen-sized beds and private bathrooms, as well as one deluxe room with a queen-sized bed, set apart by its lovely view of the green surroundings, as well as by its bathtub in the salon. All spaces are air-conditioned and all have TVs. The property also has WiFi, so you can access the internet by the pool or in the courtyard, wherever you like.

Every day here the aromas of local goods waft in from our garden. You will enjoy masterfully orchestrated tastes in our gorgeous dining room or on our spacious patio, as the birds and grasshoppers chirp out a lovely accompanying melody. Every day we serve you with breakfast and an invitation to join us for dinner, where you will simply sit back and let our chef cook up something special for you. We choose only the finest and freshest goods for you, combining them divinely on the plates we serve. Seasonal produce is the principle behind everything we do, all of which is picked by hand each morning from our farm. You will also be treated to drizzles of our home-pressed olive oil.

Slovenia’s Hidden Treasure

»This villa is a whole different level than other hotels – the staff is so nice, always giving you the feeling that you are truly something special. The food is delicious, you can see that they grow their own fruit and vegetables, and that whatever they don’t grow themselves, they source locally. My partner and I loved our stay, and we’re sure to come back.«

Tamara (TripAdvisor)

Villa Majda made the perfect atmosphere for our wedding

For anyone who loves the beautiful in this life, Villa Majda can dress itself up as the most enchanting wedding venue. It is a dream come true for anyone who since childhood has fantasized about an outdoor, fairy-tale wedding. We’ll make sure that your wedding day is splendid, intimate, and one of a kind. Believing as we do that food is the ultimate aphrodisiac, the happy couple and all their loved ones will be treated to a dazzling array of delicious food, mostly from the sea itself.

Your dream come true will also be unforgettable in its sustainability, as respect for the environment of one of Villa Majda’s core tenets. The property further makes a great venue for other celebrations, accommodating up to 70 people. Let us help you celebrate your important milestones, stage rewarding teambuilding events, and hold important business congresses. You can further use Villa Majda to shoot beautiful commercials or other movies.


Villa Majda
Osp 88, 6275 Črni Kal