The curtain has fallen.
The stage is all yours.
The screenplay is ours.

Welcome to your second home. The one you’ve always dreamed of… King’s bed. Epic design. Sea View. Food that melts in your mouth.

Our rooms. Our views.

We have rooms in plenty of shapes and sizes. And the same goes for our shrimp!
The diversity of form is the result of diversity in lifestyles. Again just like shrimp. Everyone finds the right room at our hotel.

There are 1440 minutes in a day. We’re here for you in each and every one of them.

24/7 at your side.
Free Wi-Fi
Luggage storage
Capra and Caprizza
Meeting room
Reception 24/7
Room service
Fitness space

Meetings. Celebrations. Weddings.

Here you can: hold (secret) meetings, have (unsecret) weddings, surprise your loved ones, use our property for your project.


»Modern, critical, full of inspiration from cultural heritage, traditional local identities, and a Mediterranean mentality.«

– Who’s that?

Our restaurants.

Our flavors.

Where the lobster meets the goat. Halfway between the sea and the countryside.
Where you meet it yourself. Here at the Grand. Sometimes on your plate, sometimes on the carpet, and other times on the curtains. Where is the goat hiding?