When flavor is the prima donna

The song of our first violin isn’t for the faint of heart!

Capra in Koper has been serving delicious plates since December 2014, and in 2021 it became a jewel in the Grand Koper Hotel’s crown.

It’s still following its dreams today – committed to creating unforgettable culinary experiences for all those who live for top-notch food and who insist upon an enchanting atmosphere. Freshness is its guiding light – both from the land and the sea. Capra ensures an entirely local experience, one that will tickle even the most heavily shielded hearts.

Back to the earth and deep under the sea – as close as possible

To plate its scintillating creations Capra delves deep into the soil and its Istrian roots, finding the inspiration it needs to provide foodies and culinary enthusiasts with only the freshest ingredients. »When we say local, we really mean it. Our produce comes straight from our home gardens, we press our own olive oil, we only work with local providers, if at all possible. You could say that we truly live the concept of zero kilometers,« says Capra’s head chef Marja Černe.

We grow seasonal fruit and vegetables on our farm, which measures a good 8,000 m2. There you’ll find fields with vegetables and other produce, as well as olive orchards; we also have our own herb garden and several flower cultivars. All of these farmlands lie right next to the hotel: in Osp, Ankaran, and Belvedere. Capra loves serving seafood most of all. You’ll find a menu teeming with seafood options, from fish to shrimp and everything in between. And that’s not just because we’re located right on the shore, on Koper’s boardwalk, where we can watch the waves roll in day in and day out. The choice of the sea as our muse and patron saint is also reflected in the design of our stylized plates.

»Our calling is to provide guests with a whole experience. First up is the combination of local, Mediterranean food, which has inspired me since I was a young girl. Even as a child, I loved helping out in the kitchen. Later, when I actually began working in this masterful profession, I quickly saw how creative this job can be – playing with tastes, ingredients, colors. It soon became my whole lifestyle. I was never cut out for an office job, even though I did finish college, as what I really need, day in and day out, are challenges, action, and the chance to create.«

Marja Černe, Capra’s head chef

By your side from dawn till dusk

Capra ensures vibrancy and meals that are perfectly designed for their time of day, serving you breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between. We can provide an intimate atmosphere in our clubhouse on the second floor. To commemorate truly special events, like weddings or important anniversaries, we’re happy to rent out the whole first floor to your party.

The pulse of Koper and the surrounding hills beats both on the plates and in our wine cellar. Capra is happiest when integrating and combining everything good and local, and nothing makes us prouder than presenting the results to our guests.

Our premium table service is also impressive, as our staff will make you feel right at home, while offering plenty of advice about the menu and wine list.

»It matters to us how you feel when you’re here.
We designed the restaurant with a modern style, which still makes for a cozy atmosphere, with the odd surprise thrown in for fun,« says Marja Černe. After all, Capra has been known to host some truly interesting events. Our team loves collaborating and working together to lift and development the region’s cuisine and culinary merits.

Serving Hours

Monday: closed

Tue – Sat:

13.00 – 21.00

Sun: 12.00 – 16.00

Breakfast: 7.30 – 10.30

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