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Business events


action flick

For small groups of up to 30 people we are happy to organize every detail of your business meeting. Reception will be held at Carlo, our lobby bar, while your congress will be held in our clubroom, transformed into a multifunctional event hall. Meals will be served either in our restaurant or behind closed doors and open windows in our club. You can enjoy your coffee break while smelling the fresh air from the sea, while marveling at the views of the stunning coast from our patio. It will be almost like vacation, just with more action.



light comedy

Would you like to surprise your family or friends by treating them to an unforgettable experience in a hotel whose pedigree is shown as much on its plates as its rooms? We would be happy to stage your important celebration at our restaurant Capra or in our clubroom one floor higher, where you won’t bother anyone while you’re laughing loudly and listening to music all night long. Treat yourself to a drink with the most beautiful view of the sea. Charm your friends and get the photogenic material you need for the most entertaining stories.
Invite up to 30 people.




The Grand Koper is a true romantic at heart. Ensure yourself the perfect wedding celebration in downtown Koper, with a view to the coast and a plate full of seafood. Capra will make a wedding feast fit for royalty, while you will have many rooms on hand to treat your guests to a once in a lifetime experience. You will spend your wedding night in the restaurant above the restaurant. We recommend the Deluxe Double – our Dream Room. For the service itself we recommend the Koper Regional Museum or the Praetorian Palace. The only catch: you can invite a maximum of 80 people to your wedding, each with their own romantic (Instagram) story to tell.

Photoshoots and



Our hotel’s unique design just begs to be photographed and filmed, then shared on the hottest Instagram profiles. Want to shoot a glamorous commercial for your new brand, maybe a music video, or even a whole movie? Take advantage of our comfort, of our hidden details and our special marine decor, found in our rooms, the restaurants, and everywhere else throughout the hotel. Just like the gulls that fly around the Villa, you can get a bird’s eye view of the roofs adorning the old town center. There will be endless inspiration, enough left over for TikTok, too.

Maybe you’d just like to attend an event?
See what’s going on at the Grand and nearby.