Istria never sleeps.

(At least not as well as you’ll sleep at the Grand).

Action 360 + 5.

There’s never a moment of boredom here. The Grand’s shrimp, octopus, and the goats will make sure that your day is perfect from dawn till dusk (and a few hours after that, too)! Come out and join us!

Since we have faith that you’ll be well rested, well fed, and well ready for at least 12 hours of exciting exploration, we’ve drawn up a list of some of Istria’s most interesting events. We’ll surely see you at some of them.

Izola – Isola , 
6. 11. 2021

Izola’s street food festival

13. – 14. 11. 2021

The Persimmon Feast is a traditional event in Strunjan. Delicious fruits are exhibited and offered for purchase fresh or in the form of culinary masterpieces.

14. 11. 2021

St Martin’s Day Celebration, joy at the wine vintage.

Koper – Capodistria, 
27. 11. 2021

Hello December & holiday’s season!

Are you looking for something special for the party of your choice in an intimate environment? Our genies are here to grant more than 3 wishes! All dreams come true here where the sun meets the sea.

We’ll cook up all the tastes of Istria for you at a magical event catered perfectly to your tastes. Come check out our Club.