Us and the world around us.

Full of stories. And events.

360 degrees. 365 days a year.

Welcome to the kingdom of sea spells, seashells, and seagulls. First scroll down ↓: choose your introductory package, with any of our special deals, and then just follow the sun, which will take you to an amazing adventure.

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Villa Majda

An enchanted kingdom

Our Villa Majda is like a mythological creature – a girl endowed with supernatural beauty and magical powers.


365 days a year.

Here and near.

You won’t be bored a minute. There’s always something happening here. The same goes for everything around us. The kingdom of Istria is big. But the realm is right next door.


»To the spot where you’ll feast your eyes on a truly divine sunset leads a path of 19.1 km, taking you exactly 19 minutes if you head there by car.«

Which spot are we talking about?

Our istria. Our home.

The sun and the see outline a silhouette of our land.

When you are you close to the sea, you breathe in the salty air, and when you climb up the nearby hill, you can’t help but marvel at it. In the meantime you’ll be moving, discovering, exploring, hiking, or even just relaxing. And you’ll always come back.