Capra, Caprizza, Carlo

and Club

While the human nose can detect a trillion scents, we detect them only five basic senses. Using them all at our restaurant will leave your mouth agape. Let’s find out together. Come on, join the culinary adventure!

Capra Restaurant

The restaurant got the name after the goat (Capra in italian), a symbol of Koper. Operating since 2014, Capra is delivering delicious dishes, artistic desserts and GRAND interiors. The file rouge of the restaurant are fresh local ingredients from the sea and the land.

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Who doesn’t adore pizza? Ours is something special. The ingredients are from Napoli, but the recipe is ours alone. After all, we like doing things our way. And it comes out of the oven so beautiful that you’ll want to take a picture of every square inch of its immaculate crust. When it’s gone (and that tends to happen at warp speed around here), you can continue your photography session with the plate it came served on. ⟶ P.S. Stealing plates is forbidden. :)

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Carlo Lobby Bar

Stepping through the door of our lobby bar is like taking a time machine back to a different era. A sophisticated era. Your ears will be treated to movie soundtracks from the 1970s. During the day the strong, intoxicating scent of coffee wafts through the cafe, while the nights are best spent cutting a rug up to the bar and ordering whatever cocktail our bartender suggests. Carlo’s got a strong personality, both an early bird and a night owl, but he’s always eager to meet your needs.


We can experiment together in the club and improvise until the wee hours of the morning. We’ve kept the grand classic jazz foundation and common thread of refined tastes that only Capra herself knows how to cook up. And we’re up for anything else, too. Want to have a private dinner? Perhaps an important business event or memorable family milestone? Ours is a Club of a thousand faces, so pick the one you like!

Our stage. Our events.

For all lovers of seafood and great music. There’s always something happening at the Grand.

Jazz nights, piano concerts, tastings of local wines, dance nights with tapas, and so much more! Check out what we have going on for you, so you can tell your friends ahead of time where you’re headed tomorrow night.

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Special offers, events and more.

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